Cost of Cataract Surgery (Motiyabind), Lenses & IOLs in Guntur

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What is the cost of Cataract Surgery in Guntur?

The cost of Cataract Surgery can vary depending on the type of surgery you need and the location of the surgery. In Guntur, Cataract Surgery can cost between Rs. 12000 to Rs. 15000. The cost of the surgery will also depend on the type of anesthesia used and the length of the surgery. The cost of the surgery may also be higher if you need a second surgery to correct any complications.

Factors determining cataract surgery cost in Guntur?

There are a number of factors that can determine the cost of cataract surgery. The type of procedure, the surgeon’s experience, the location of the surgery, and the size and severity of the cataract all play a role in determining the cost.
In general, traditional cataract surgery is more expensive than laser-assisted cataract surgery (LACS). This is because LACS is a newer technology and thus, there are fewer surgeons who are experienced in performing the procedure. In addition, LACS requires special equipment that traditional cataract surgery does not.
The location of the surgery can also affect the cost. Surgeries performed in major metropolitan areas are usually more expensive than those performed in smaller towns or rural areas. This is because there is a higher demand for surgeries in major metropolitan areas, and thus, surgeons can charge more for their services.
The size and severity of the cataract also play a role in determining the cost of surgery. A larger cataract will usually require a more extensive procedure and will take longer to remove. A more severe cataract will also be more difficult to remove and will require a more experienced surgeon. As a result, surgery to remove a large or severe cataract will typically be more expensive than surgery to remove a small or mild cataract.

Cost of lenses used for Cataract Surgery in Guntur?

If you are considering Cataract Surgery in Guntur, you may be wondering what the cost of lenses will be. Here is a breakdown of the average cost of lenses used for Cataract Surgery in Guntur:

– Lenses for astigmatism: Rs. 4,000

– Lenses for myopia: Rs. 6,000

– Lenses for hyperopia: Rs. 7,000

– Lenses for presbyopia: Rs. 12,000

Cataract cost packages available in Guntur

As discussed above, the cost of cataract surgery can vary depending  on factors such as Surgeon Charges, Type of procedure  & Type of Lens / IOL. At Eye Mantra Guntur, we offer affordable cataract surgeries starting Rs 10,000. Cataract is covered by most insurances. At Eye Mantra Guntur, we also offer EMI/ Cashless & Insurance facilities. Below are cataract cost packages offered at our eye centers in Guntur:

TechniquesLensesCost (₹)Benefits
MICS / PHACO in GunturMonofocal10,000 – 30,0001.2mm incision
MICS in GunturMultifocal30,000 – 50,000Anti PCO ring, Blue light filter
MICS in GunturTrifocal45,000 – 80,000HD Vision, Anti-Glare, Anti PCO ring, Blue light filter
MICS in GunturToric30,000 – 50,000Anti-Glare, Anti PCO ring, Blue light filter
Zepto Cataract in GunturMultifocal / Trifocal / Toric50,000 – 70,000Robotic lens insertion
Femto Cataract in GunturMultifocal / Trifocal / Toric60,000 – 1,00,000Laser cataract | Smaller incision | No stitches

Which insurances / panels cover cataract surgery cost in Guntur?

Almost all insurance companies cover cost of cataract surgery in Guntur including Oriental, Star health, HDFC Ergo, ICICI lombard, Care, New India , National, United India, Bajaj Allianz, Chola Mangalam, Aditya Birla, Bharti Axa, Cigna, Future Generali, IFFCO Tokio, Max Bupa, Reliance, Kotak Mahindra, Sbi General, Tata Aig, Universal Sompo, PNB & Go Digit. Panels such as CGHS, DGHS, ECHS & ESI also cover cataract.